Meet the authors.

A decade of research, two years of development and a solid team of creative thinkers produced Scratch and the spin-off workshops today’s brands are using to rethink what’s possible in an era where consumers demand nothing less.

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Dave Gutting
With Dave’s grasp of history and culture, there’s no brand, product, technology, or experience that can't be explained by the infield fly rule, French New Wave cinema, or an obscure NASA fact. In his role as Director of Strategic Projects for Barkley, he applies his vast experience to connect disparate forms of knowledge into simple, deep, and actionable ideas.
Paul Corrigan
As Executive Design Director at Barkley, Paul brings a design approach to everything the company does, starting with a better understanding of the way people actually live in relation to the brands they love. Paul’s work has been recognized by the One Show, Effies, Print, SXSW, Webby’s, National Addys, Creativity, HOW and FWA.
Jennifer Mazi
As an award-winning journalist and MFA, Jennifer has written everything from apps and album covers to international peace initiatives. As Content Director for Barkley, she’s also spun stories for a variety of platforms using words, images, photos and footage, including ABC, Fox, The Kansas City Star, Hallmark, and Vanderbilt.