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Scratch everything you know about brands.

We no longer live in a world where fragmented, intrusive, marketing-only brands are winning. Today, your brand is everything you do, inside and out. Part workbook, part prediction for the future, Scratch is a how-to guide for brands that embrace this new definition in a world where purpose beats interruption—and every action you take matters to the consumers you’re trying to reach.

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More than just another business book, Scratch gives brands hands-on, how-to guidance for finding relevance in the modern market—and in the hearts of consumers.
The concept of brand is quickly changing and this book walks you through a simple process to create an engaging and authentic identity. Filled with valuable tools and workshop ideas, you'll want this book on your shelf to reference time and time again.
Scratch is truly an unfair advantage to brands that take stock in their why and have the audacity to apply it across everything – inside and out.
This book is on the leading edge of the paradigm shift for brands that get it. This is what customers deserve and what the talent workforce of today demands.
Scratch helps brands break free of the status quo to define what they are and what they can and should be.
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Scratch is the result of original, deep-dive studies into Millennial and Gen Z behaviors that show how they’ve influenced mainstream, cross-generational attitudes—driven by an economy where people expect a great brand experience, no matter the category. Quite possibly the most important work you’ll ever do as a business leader, this book could change everything.